21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Hummingbird sipping on some nectar
From a flower much bigger than he
Darting so fast and never stopping
A mountain of great energy
Something so tiny can give such pleasure
If we are willing to accept
Taking time to enjoy the beauty of God’s hand
A moment otherwise would neglect
The colors of this earth and wonderful sky
Such magnificent beauty on display
Breathtaking paintings of God’s creation
Works of great art seen everyday
Unable to take in a beautiful day
Taken for granted, lost in the bustle
Everyday life lived in an office
Darting around in a hustle
One working with eyes closed
The other free to enjoy
One self-blind to nature’s surroundings
The other, not need to be employed
Living life full-speed ahead
As the hummingbird, flitting around
Living on a course of survival
Darting everywhere all across town

by Renee Robinson

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Recycled Life

21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Forced to live a recycled life
Eaten alive with cancer
No explanation to why
Just my turn to suffer

In past times I have been blessed
With riches not of this earth
Giving my soul everlasting bliss
Much more than I deserved

Many before me have suffered much more
It is my turn to walk this mile
A life recycled and given again
A new gift accepted with a smile

Wash and wear, carry on
Is just a phase in time
Play it again, beginning to end
Life borrowed and given in kind

by Renee Robinson

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Two opinions on the state of science publishing

21 Jan

Watts Up With That?

I’ve been made aware of two different opinions on state of science publishing as it relates to peer review and the pressure to publish even faster due to the Internet and all of its “instalaunch” tools.

First, in Nature, a comment by Dr. Jerome Ravetz: Sociology of science: Keep standards high.

He argues for embracing the new medium, while maintaining quality:


As more people become involved in online debates, quality need not fall by the wayside. It is encouraging to see that well-conducted discussions of points of contention between the scientific mainstream and critics are emerging, as the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study demonstrates (see Nature478, 428; 2011).

Ultimately, effective quality assurance depends on trust. And science relies on trust more than most institutions. As Steven Shapin, a historian of science at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, showed in his 1994 book A Social History of…

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No new strange attractors: strong evidence against both positive feedback and catastrophe

21 Jan

Watts Up With That?

This is a comment by Dr. Robert Brown on the What we don’t know about Earth’s energy flow post. I thought it was so insightful on the topic of climate stability being “pushed” by CO2 forcing that I’ve elevated it to a separate post. – Anthony

Is it fair to say that the two systems would oscillate within the same parameters but the probability of them being synchronized is nil?

Sadly, no, not over long times. The systems could be as different as a ferromagnet magnetized up and an “identical” ferromagnet magnetized down. Or in the case of the Earth, as different as Glacial Earth and Interglacial Earth. The point is that both of these latter possibilities can be “stable” states for exactly the same insolation, etc, because feedbacks in the global system can themselves reconfigure to make them stable.

If you look at the link to chaos theory I provided…

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21 Jan
There is Purpose

Everything Has Purpose

Looking at the trees, flowers, birds, streams, fields, and beasts, we have no problem with purpose. Cosmic Purpose, if you will, must en-compass all. That light within, of which every enlightened person has acknowledged, Jesus’ “Kingdom of God is within you,” Emerson’s “genius within yourself,” even Buddha’s “no-soul” must be of Cosmic origin. We can all conceive of a Cosmic Oneness whether we conceive a personal God or Creator. The “Creator” suggests a beginning, which in turn suggests a limited being. But in the concept of Cosmic Oneness there is no being capable of negatives as we may assign a personal God. No beginning, no end, what purpose then? The Cosmic Is. All nature, all of the natural laws, all the rhyme and reason in existence, all of us has that light within us. Nothing can exist outside of the Cosmic Oneness or Cosmic Knowledge, the knowledge of every cell of all nature.


20 Jan

Today began with a question. Much to my surprise there was one I had failed to ask. As the answer came, one upon another question followed. Fortunately, these answers came also. The question for Purpose began my search. “Life has a purpose,” “We have a purpose,” “Cosmic Purpose.” One hears so many espousals of purpose. When does one hear purpose defined? Is there some embarrassment about having a profound statement with no profound definition?



We All Have A Purpose

SomeTime We Have To Think

19 Jan

It is my prayer that your personal search will lead you to an understanding that compels you to share the love of your own heart. There are few amongst us, even if we have material security that is content with the teaching from our childhood. As a child, they served us well. As adults, of complex drives and emotions, we must begin as children again with an open heart and find the answers that will serve us now.

May Heaven be yours through all enlightening Cosmic Consciousness?


A Storm is Coming

Where Am I?

17 Jan

Where did I come from and where am I going? Between those two extremes I sit and ponder my now. Trying to catch a glimpse of time as it pass me by, or am I being pulled along because I happen to be here? The one thing is certain, there are quite a few,

The Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

who are apparently as confused as I. Just watching time pass us by.

The Long Ride Home

17 Jan

It seem as if I have been traveling forever, and there’s the possibility, that I might just be on a unending journey. Sometime it feel as if I’ve done this before, yet I ‘m always amazed at my experiences going thru life and I wonder how could I have forgotten if this is dejavu. By the way does anybody know what time is It?

Downtown Memphis Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

A Brief History of Clocks

15 Jan

Humankind’s efforts to tell time have helped drive the evolution of our technology and science throughout history. The need to gauge the divisions of the day and night led the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to create sundials, water clocks and other early chronometric tools. Western Europeans adopted these tech­nologies, but by the 13th century, demand for a dependable timekeeping instrument led medieval artisans to invent the mechanical clock. Although this new device satisfied the requirements of monastic and urban communities, it was too inaccurate and unreliable for scientific application until the pendulum was employed to govern its operation. The precision timekeepers that were subsequently developed resolved the critical problem of finding a ship’s position at sea and went on to play key roles in the industrial revolution and the advance of Western civilization.

I guess this is one way to answer at least part of my earlier post.

How Can we describe time?

15 Jan
German researchers have turned an optical tweezer device into the world’s first “nano-ear” capable of detecting sounds six orders of magnitude below the threshold of human hearing. Using an optically trapped gold nanoparticle as their listening device, the team says they can now detect sounds made at the bacterial level or use their device to tune (or perhaps to test?) the minuscule MEMS machines of the future.
It is said to have taken 5 years to accomplish what use to take 20yrs, 1yr to accomplish what use to take 5yrs, can you imagine what we can achieve within the next 6months.
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