15 Oct

Bhagavatam By Braja

When Kuntī heard the terrible news from her son, Arjuna, she immediately ceased her material existence with undeviating and nakedly soulful divine love for the transcendent All-Attractive.

King Yudhiṣṭhira was very troubled about the road taken by the All-Attractive and the destruction of the Yadu family. Deeply lonesome, he made up his mind to follow the same road himself.

Sometimes one uses a thorn to take out a thorn, and in the end throws both away. Similarly, the Unborn took a body to remove the burdens of the world and then discarded both. Like a magician, he takes the forms of a fish and so on. Then, when they have relieved the burdens of the world, those forms disappear.

The form of the All-Attractive Liberator is the subject of spiritual discussion and celebration. When it disappeared, right then and there Kali appeared, causing ill-fortune and underdevelopment of the mind and…

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