28 Feb

The Power of Social Consciousness

As we all know, our lives on this planet have undergone many challenges to peace, unification and prosperity. We have been faced with obstacles, both financial and social, that have created limitations to our advancement as a people and planet.

We have come to accept that hunger, sickness, brutality, prejudice, discrimination and fear are simply parts of “life”. And while there are certainly those who wish to gain power via these destructive vehicles of existence – there is another path – another choice – that is ours for the taking. In fact, change is ours for the “making”!

Many are still ignorant of the cosmic changes that are underway – culminating in this year, 2012. I’ve mentioned this in many other posts – the idea that 2012 will be bring about a “Hollywood-Style” apocalypse of mega-proportions. But this scenario is only presented as a “last-ditch” effort to create and maintain…

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