My Daily Tweets 02.08.12

9 Feb

memoirs on a rainy day

  • Astronomers Combine Hundreds of Images of Carina Nebula to Reveal Thousands of Stars in Stellar Nursery
  • 3mCaves of Nerja Contain Earliest Human Drawings
  • 3hInbox zero. Such a beautiful thing.
  • 6mKlipsch M40 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Cut Out Distractions
  • 3hDali, Klimt Paintings Go Unsold as Buyers Balk at $124.7 Million
  • 8mRetro Apple iPhone Cases Send Your Phone Back in Time
  • 10mNike Develops Prosthetic Leg Running Sole: Cyborgs Run Among Us
  • 10hWatching #TheRiver. Creepy, and not bad.
  • 10hiAWriter action on my MBP.
  • 10hFunny how this happens after I walk the dog.
  • 10hSpike has been farting my way all night. Doggie, you need to turn your bum around. Now. Actually, I did it for you.
  • 10hIf you dismiss an idea as stupid or illegitimate what you are really…

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