5 Feb

A Logical Reality

Destiny…Fate…Future…We throw such ideas away, as it means we are set down one track. But no,  there is a pre-determined destiny, and there is more to the destiny than we can possibly imagine.

Suppose somebody flipped a coin. What are the chances of the coin landing on heads? Probability would make the coin have a 50% chance of landing on heads, but the world isn’t based off of probabilities. Once the coin is flipped, the number of flips, the height, the distance the coin travels, the position of the coin before it was launched, the surface which it lands on, are all factors that determine 100% what side the coin is going to land on. To prove this, if none of the factors that affect the flip are altered, the coin would land on the same side again. The inevitable fact that the coin would land on that side, that…

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