5 Feb

The Power of Social Consciousness

Does the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitation and influence negate the underlying principles of religious prophecy?

Last week, I engaged in a heated debate with a family member over the mounting evidence that humanity may have been visited and influenced by advanced, off-world beings.  It seems that these types of propositions appear to fly in the face of long held religious beliefs and trigger knee jerk rejections in those who ascribe to established, religious scripture.

The program, Ancient Aliens, which airs on the History Channel, (http://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens) continues to provides ample theoretical and scientific evidence that human civilization may have been guided by advanced off-world beings.  But when citing such evidence to those who are entrenched in religious doctrine – one is frequently met with violent resistance and opposition to considering even the most compelling arguments.

For example, if one were to suggest that biblical scripture was really describing off-world beings descending…

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