2 Feb


There is more to be said about the ongoing evolution of our home world to help us better appreciate our crystals.  There are several frequencies produced by the Earth as it interacts with atmospheric and cosmic influences.  One of these frequencies, the Schumann Resonance is a rhythmic pulse that circulates the planet, bathing us in its’ invisible presence. It is created by the difference in electromagnetic polarities between the surface of Earth and the ionosphere. The ionosphere is positively charged, it is about 45* miles high. The Earths’ surface is negatively charged.

For nearly thirty years now it has been known that there is a direct relationship between our brain wave patterns and the Schumann frequency.  This has a bearing on our well-being and our immune systems.

Our brain wave patterns have evolved within this frequency.  The bridge between our minds and the frequency is our DNA.  The powerful…

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