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1 Feb
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Dear Friend,


These papers are sent to you with the deepest desire that you may find the answers that allow you to ask the questions which bring you closer to personal peace and satisfaction in your life. There is no intent to destroy personal conviction: only hope that this will be examined.

It is my prayer that your personal search will lead you to an understanding that compels you to share the love of your own heart. There are few amongst us, even if we have material security that is content with the teaching from our childhood. As a child, they served us well. As adults, of complex drives and emotions, we must begin as children again with an open heart and find the answers that will serve us now.

May Heaven be yours through all enlightening Cosmic Consciousness?






Today began with a question. Much to my surprise there was one I had failed to ask. As the answer came, one upon another question followed. Fortunately, these answers came also. The question for Purpose began my search. “Life has a purpose,” “We have a purpose,” “Cosmic Purpose.” One hears so many espousals of purpose. When does one hear purpose defined? Is there some embarrassment about having a profound statement with no profound definition?

Looking at the trees, flowers, birds, streams, fields, and beasts, we have no problem with purpose. Cosmic Purpose, if you will, must en-compass all. That light within, of which every enlightened person has acknowledged, Jesus’ “Kingdom of God is within you,” Emerson’s “genius within yourself,” even Buddha’s “no-soul” must be of Cosmic origin. We can all conceive of a Cosmic Oneness whether we conceive a personal God or Creator. The “Creator” suggests a beginning, which in turn suggests a limited being. But in the concept of Cosmic Oneness there is no being capable of negatives as we may assign a personal God. No beginning, no end, what purpose then? The Cosmic Is. All nature, all of the natural laws, all the rhyme and reason in existence, all of us has that light within us. Nothing can exist outside of the Cosmic Oneness or Cosmic Knowledge, the knowledge of every cell of all nature.

If Buddha had been understood by all cultures, more men may have understood Jesus–and so on up through civilization, as we know it today. Buddha stressed that the truth of men’s Nirvana was realization of selflessness. Jesus stressed that the Kingdom of God was within every man. This appears to be a contradiction, each, of the others teachings. But how so? Buddha lived before Jesus and Jesus probably studied the Buddha‘s teachings. Each was a Master beyond dispute. Could each have separate truths? Surely not. The fault was not with the Masters but with the students. Buddha taught that man’s own self-created a soul for his immortality. Jesus taught that the pleasures of this world lead men to selfishness. I suggest that both Masters knew the same truths-that to know God you must bypass the ego, the pride, the delusion of self to find the Cosmic Oneness that is in each of us.

“Soul” must either be Devine or in need of “Saving.” It cannot be both. What mortal man would attempt to “Save” what is already Devine? My thought is to rid ourselves of a need to “Save our souls.” The soul being Devine in nature does not need evolving either. What mortal man would attempt through evolving, to improve upon the Devine? My choice is to rule out the use of the word “Soul.” Man has too many connotations of too many opposing positions for the word to mean much of anything universally. What then of Cosmic Knowledge within each of us? That Devine light of our wisdom that we are privilege to, but is not of our mortal being.

Picture this next. I have passed thru transition (my physical body has died). There are others with me. Are we minute specks of Cosmic Knowledge floating independently until we must rejoin this-worldly life by the first breath of a newborn infant? Cosmic Knowledge is Cosmic Oneness and the idea of independent souls is incongruent. Ah. Yes. This spark of Divine must surely, at transition, be absorbed into the Cosmic Oneness. My own reason will not allow for the possibility of my select bit of evolved “Soul” to be picked out of Oneness and rejoined in an earthly body. Again, Cosmic Knowledge is Cosmic Oneness and independent souls are incongruent. Let us, also, conclude that pearly gates and streets of gold are purely allegorical.

The whole concept of Reincarnation (repeated rebirth and evolving consciousness), Karma (punishment and reward according to deeds done), Soul (That which is Divine within us), Hell (the suffering and pains), Heaven (peace of mind through knowledge) must be applied to this life and only this. What purpose then, we physical bits of flesh with a spark of Divine within? What purpose trees, streams, birds, fields, flowers and beasts? Continuity. Cosmic Oneness – no beginning-no end continuity. The trees have no question of the cosmic yet they die and new ones replace them, The Cosmic Plan goes on. Trees have no means of escaping, yet do not question the Cosmic Knowledge when a forest fire approaches. Streams dry up and new ones spring-up and they question not by what plan man pollutes them. Birds may fly as man may not and still do not question man’s intelligence to control his own atmosphere.

Man would appear to have been given the intelligence of the Cosmic to be allowed so much freedom. He may reason as is not done among the other species of the Divine Plan. What purpose man? Continuity. And by reason Responsibility. Evolution of the species would predict that man will soon destroy his own civilization of his own free will. The Cosmic goes on and will absorb all that was on loan, while man destroys. In man‘s desperation for immortality, with creation of his soul and trappings, he has managed to delude himself into the destruction of his only existence.

Had we turned to the “Kingdom of God within” or attained “no-soul” or listened to “the genius within” there would have been no need to destroy a beautiful civilization that could have been. With an experience of Pure Love what need of nuclear arms, with an appreciation of basic material requirements, what greed for robbing the earth of precious minerals, polluting the air, streams and fields. Surely Hell is the darkness of our ignorance.

What degrees of pleasure we derive from our perverse concept of soul. Our minds are saturated with misconceptions. By the analogy to follow let us put away the idea of our personal possession of a soul that assures our relationship to God and Heaven; let us put away the assumption that It belongs to us at all.

Imagine that a smoke fills the room, not densely, not smothering, but merely a softly enveloping, comforting mist. Perhaps we breathe a soft scent and find it pleasant. Our experience is personal and ours alone. No one can interpret this for us and what we benefit is ours alone. At the same time that smoke is of one smoke, whether we are one, five or twenty individuals within the room. Each of us experiences the one smoke and makes of it what we will from our personal perception of it. Yet, it belongs to none but is of the one.

If God, Cosmic Oneness, or Cosmic Knowledge is accepted as similar to the smoke, then how easy for us to understand brotherhood. If the One in me, the One in you, the One in him, the One in her is all the same, what is ours personally? Simply, our use of it. This Divine entity is complete and perfect, of course: the One Knowledge of all things past, present and future. What greater gift than the Divine Oneness for our personal use. Maybe we are more than a little greedy in wanting anything else. But all is considered in the Cosmic Plan. Pity us, if we had been given charge of that which is Divine and dominion thereof, as well as our control over this beautiful earth of God’s creation, complete with every pleasure and necessity. Pity us, if we had the power to corrupt and destroy the Divine as well as the material.

Out of knowing the Cosmic Oneness within us, through what we call Cosmic Consciousness, we come to understand how we may love God above all else, as the only good and pure that is us. And also, we come to understand how we may love our enemies as well as our neighbors. All that is worth-while in any man is of the One. In this light, sin becomes a useless word. What need have we to judge, criticize, condemn, hate, cheat, kill, covet, malign, and so forth.

Recently a friend went through serious surgery (serious as all such assaults upon our bodies and consciousness must be). All liked minded friends were asked to assist during this period, with whatever talents we might offer. Our friend is recovering quite satisfactorily and seems appreciative of all services offered and no doubt received during his comparatively helpless state in physical, conscious and subconscious ability.

Upon learning of this condition necessitating surgery, the sadness was acknowledged that might be, if it were not successful. Having seen the light of this friend’s own understanding too recently to drink from his companionship, I sensed a great personal loss if this personality be taken from us, through death of this physical body, whether from disease or surgery.

Now, that all is well, my friends, I must confess to have contributed nothing to the fact of his still being with us. Through Attunement now without offense, I will be able to record the explanation for this action that might otherwise appear to be cold indifference. And for sake of simplicity, “Friend” will be used rather than his name.

May I doubt the Divine within Friend more than I question the Divine within myself? Is it not one-Divine Cosmic Oneness?  How may I attempt to circumvent the Cosmic Plan? By what knowledge is Friend laid upon the operating table? Not by his personal decision, that was only in that he chose those odds as opposed to those of the disease. Not by the decision of the doctors; they only offer opinions. That life flowing through Friend’s body is of Divine decision. None other gives or takes away. This seems sufficient logic to the recorder, however, we humans have such compelling emotions; we need more. There is no more only our selfish questions and selfish motivations. Imagine that we had such power to determine Friend’s staying with us. What glorious destination may we have deprived him in the Cosmic Plan? The human in me sheds a tear at our mourning and our ignorance. If, indeed, Friend has shared in awareness of his own Divine Identity within, the cessation of earthly life can be no disappointment to him. Even allowing that, in that case, only offers more Hell of human ignorance.

It is quite frightening on a mortal level to know we aspire to powers of which we understand so little responsibility in attaining. But as all Cosmic Knowledge provides for the continuity of its own Plan, man cannot elevate himself above the gods. All we may receive is Knowledge through the Cosmic Oneness. There, only, may we relieve our human suffering in the name of our fellow beings.

Some men speak of a personal experience of God, wherein, Knowledge of nature, the universe, of all things is made known to them. The experience comes by Divine discretion through a vision of objective light. Perhaps, we can name this experience “illumination,” as the word light seems to be a key factor determining a rare occurrence of God revealing itself to man, ofttimes without request or preparation on the part of the beneficiary. Having no personal experience with “illumination” through light, I leave that discussion, for the moment, to those who understand its significance.

When men must do, they light candles, they pray, they chant, they burn incense, they perform rituals, they meditate and so forth. When men must know, they attune. Only a totally sincere request for knowledge brings attunement. No thought to be doing, no thought of self, nothing but pure desire for Truth may accomplish attunement.

Attunement may be considered either a gift of or a result of Cosmic Consciousness (often confused with illumination). Through our desire for Truth we come to know that all Truth is Knowledge. By way of the Cosmic Oneness that pervades all beings we have access to Cosmic Knowledge and come full circle through attunement. Attunement is merely the occasion that we turn aside from the mundane world and focus on the Cosmic Oneness within. All Heaven is within us; when we have need, we may all seek it. Perhaps, the difficulty is in realizing that we need “It” rather than ourselves. As long as we do something and continue trying, that Knowledge within is forgotten or at worse discovered.

Personal experience has shown that many paranormal happenings seem quite normal though usually not experienced by everyone. It doesn’t occur to me that the Divine within would be limited to objective reason. Perhaps, one’s own definition limits where one allows their “God” to exist and of what “He” is capable. A Paranormal experience, whether it be telepathy, psycho kinetics, clairvoyance or of a visual, auditory or physical nature or anything else in its wide realm, should not be confused with attunement.

Due to the simplicity of the process, it is easy to comprehend why many never attain attunement. Most cannot form a request for knowledge purely for knowledge only. Through the privilege of Cosmic Consciousness, we may become objectively conscious of the Cosmic Knowledge already within. For example: If an event or happening concerns me deeply, what use is attunement, if only questions are answered. The question cannot be “Why me?” or the plea cannot be “Make this go away.” But one may, with guaranty, ask for Cosmic Knowledge which in turn brings peace of mind through understanding. What greater answer do we require?

There is so subtle a distinction here with motivation, that this writer must regularly put away the desire to inform his readers; ask  sincerely for that knowledge, then in turn record after the attunement has been  successful.

As I walked through the garden this morning, it was my desire to be filled with the beauty and awe of all God’s creations that were represented there in their natural state. Of course, this was possible. And of the man-made paths beneath my feet, was not offensive. What glory, what love that we overlook on our usual path to “riches”. What stupidity. It has come to my attention this morning that all that is necessary for Heaven, Peace and Happiness, has already been said. The further writings will only be elaborations, for the purpose of putting away centuries of accumulated words. Words clog our brains, distract our hearts and continually delude us. Words seldom express our knowledge or our feelings. It is enigmatic that I must write so many more words in order to rid us of this clutter. How many writers have tried to express their heart’s deepest thoughts and failed because of the dependency on and confusion of all these useless words. May I not sound redundant, but we were given The Word, which is ever useful, ever clear, and everlasting. So, therefore, through the light of my own Cosmic Consciousness, there is no question that my Purpose will be accomplished.

Let there be an end to the words that prevent the children seeing the kingdom of God. Let there be an end to all the institutions that use mighty words of guilt and sin that prevent man knowing the God within. These papers cannot be another interpretation of scriptures or doctrines. The damage of the past efforts, in that respect, is evident in all the pain and suffering of the very supporters of the mistruths and stumbling blocks. Let us go into ourselves and know the Oneness and Truth that dwells there, that no chance is taken with mortal confusion.

Clearly, it has all been said. Now is the time for man at his highest conscious development to put away the distractions and elaborations. Each one, within himself, to know and to love and to find that peace and happiness.

May Heaven be yours through all enlightening Cosmic Consciousness?


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