31 Jan

Hunkered Down in Brooklyn


(#474 on original list – removed in 2012 update)

There are maybe four or five Otis Redding songs that for my money are about as good as recorded music gets. If the transmission of emotion from the artist to the listener is one of music’s highest aims, it’s hard to imagine anyone doing it much better than he did. This is especially true of slow numbers like “Pain in My Heart” and “These Arms of Mine”. Historically, I’ve been less fond of his more frenetic material. I see why it exists, and that it’s great on its own terms, but the fast ones don’t do it for me like the slow ones do. Accordingly, I’m not as fond of live Otis Redding as I am of his studio material. Fast songs predominate, and the slow ones tend to be sped up, jazzed up, or otherwise messed with in order…

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