21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Hello?  Are you there?  Anyone? Hello? Hello?

Please somebody! Anybody! Help me! Help!

I am trapped

Unable to breathe

I am in the dark

All alone

Help please!

I am sinking

Sinking in sand

Help! Please!


Grab my hand!

Pull me out

I need help

I can’t do

It by myself

Please! Anyone?

Save me, I beg

A vile


Put me in here

I can’t see

I am in fear

Please! Help!

My tears stream

I am broken

Utterly alone

Can’t you hear my scream?


No human contact

Losing my mind

Help! Please

I need mankind

Locked away

In this damp place

A kind of hell

Perhaps another world

I can’t tell

I am begging

Hear my plea!

Please come

Please rescue me

Oh God! NO!

He’s coming back

I can’t get away


He’s going to attack

He lashes with his tongue

His hands!

His hands…

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