The Zone

21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Excuse me! Hey! You over there…
Yes! You! Could you help me please?
I need to know if you hear that noise?
That noise! What do you mean you can’t hear it?
Seriously? Really, you can’t hear it?
Damn! I was afraid of that
I am going there again!
Making another trip!
I just don’t understand
Why me? Why is it ALWAYS me!
The Twilight Zone is here
The music has started playing
The rubber room is near
Do you know what I am saying?
I have lost all my marbles
Not playing with a full deck
The bus has left without me
Oh my God! What the heck?
My room is always reserved
I am a frequent flier
Flying on a plane
Destination to be desired
My bulb is too dim
My helmet is too tight
I am from the state of Confusion
A mixed nuts delight
My rubber room…

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