21 Jan
There is Purpose

Everything Has Purpose

Looking at the trees, flowers, birds, streams, fields, and beasts, we have no problem with purpose. Cosmic Purpose, if you will, must en-compass all. That light within, of which every enlightened person has acknowledged, Jesus’ “Kingdom of God is within you,” Emerson’s “genius within yourself,” even Buddha’s “no-soul” must be of Cosmic origin. We can all conceive of a Cosmic Oneness whether we conceive a personal God or Creator. The “Creator” suggests a beginning, which in turn suggests a limited being. But in the concept of Cosmic Oneness there is no being capable of negatives as we may assign a personal God. No beginning, no end, what purpose then? The Cosmic Is. All nature, all of the natural laws, all the rhyme and reason in existence, all of us has that light within us. Nothing can exist outside of the Cosmic Oneness or Cosmic Knowledge, the knowledge of every cell of all nature.


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