21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Hummingbird sipping on some nectar
From a flower much bigger than he
Darting so fast and never stopping
A mountain of great energy
Something so tiny can give such pleasure
If we are willing to accept
Taking time to enjoy the beauty of God’s hand
A moment otherwise would neglect
The colors of this earth and wonderful sky
Such magnificent beauty on display
Breathtaking paintings of God’s creation
Works of great art seen everyday
Unable to take in a beautiful day
Taken for granted, lost in the bustle
Everyday life lived in an office
Darting around in a hustle
One working with eyes closed
The other free to enjoy
One self-blind to nature’s surroundings
The other, not need to be employed
Living life full-speed ahead
As the hummingbird, flitting around
Living on a course of survival
Darting everywhere all across town

by Renee Robinson

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