Deja Vu

21 Jan

Nae's Nest


As far back as I can recall I have sensed always “being”.  Not just here on earth today, But here on earth yesterday.

The yesterday from generations of old times. Perhaps the great depression, Or pilfering gold mines.

Nothing very special, Like a great queen, Or beautiful princess, Perhaps I was just me, But with a different history.

It boggles the mind to contemplate. However, there are many who can relate, Life itself, is a great mystery, None can determine their fate.

That “deja vu” feeling we sometimes get, is easily dismissed.  Most cannot except the strange feelings of the mind.  Instead, choosing to pretend the thought did not exist.

Perhaps it is my curious nature to have such musings.  The wonderfully complex world of life is confusing.  While science and technology discover more everyday, There is still a vast amount of questions which are currently left unanswered as of today.

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