Abandon Reality

21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Abandon bad days

Abandon lost hopes, bad desires, broken things and liars

Abandon dishonesty

Do not abandon me


Leave behind sorrow and hate

Things that hurt and degrade

No more pushing and shoving, shouting and fighting

Throw away pain and fear

Wipe away all tears

But Please

Do not

Abandon me


I am scared and alone

Small in a big world

I am a shadow, a flash

A future memory of things past

I am the present without a future

I am the past fighting to live

I am me with so much more to give


Nothing special

No big deal

I am you, I am real

Abandon me, abandon you, abandon reality

Don’t you see?


We are the same

We are one

We are united

We are lonesome


Abandon you, abandon me

Abandon us

Abandon reality


by Renee Robinson

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