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Evil Has A Name

21 Jan

Nae's Nest

There is an evil taking over
An enemy to be feared
Slowly he slips in
Taking what you hold dear

Like the thief in the night
He is unexpected
Helping himself
To great treasures
Sometimes left neglected

Things you can not hold
But are felt inside
Things you can not see
But unable to hide

This evil steals faith
Forcing you to doubt
Taking your belief
Drawing it all out

It takes away all love
Leaving you empty
Feeling all alone
Deserted and unhappy

Finally it rips away hope
Casting you in darkness
Utterly alone
Forever helpless

This evil has a name
He who causes disrepair
I pray you avoid him
His name is despair

by Renee Robinson

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Today Is The Day

21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Tomorrow is the day

That could make or break

Tomorrow is the day

My heart fears

Tomorrow is the day

I will get some news


There’s always tomorrow

This is so untrue

Someday tomorrow will end

I wonder what will happen then?

Someday is a day

I hope in the distant

Someday is a day

I hope I never see

Someday is a day

That signifies my existence

Someday tomorrows will come to an end


Today is a day

I live to the fullest

Today is a day

I am grateful to have

Today is a day

That could be my last

Today is a day

To enjoy

by Renee Robinson

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21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Hello?  Are you there?  Anyone? Hello? Hello?

Please somebody! Anybody! Help me! Help!

I am trapped

Unable to breathe

I am in the dark

All alone

Help please!

I am sinking

Sinking in sand

Help! Please!


Grab my hand!

Pull me out

I need help

I can’t do

It by myself

Please! Anyone?

Save me, I beg

A vile


Put me in here

I can’t see

I am in fear

Please! Help!

My tears stream

I am broken

Utterly alone

Can’t you hear my scream?


No human contact

Losing my mind

Help! Please

I need mankind

Locked away

In this damp place

A kind of hell

Perhaps another world

I can’t tell

I am begging

Hear my plea!

Please come

Please rescue me

Oh God! NO!

He’s coming back

I can’t get away


He’s going to attack

He lashes with his tongue

His hands!

His hands…

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Embiggening the science

21 Jan

Unseen Hand

21 Jan

Nae's Nest

My sky is bruised, someone kicked it

My days are nights, a purple blackness

Losing track of time, along with my mind

What has happened, I don’t understand

Have we been bombed?  Was there an attack?

Am I all that is left? Is this a fact?

I hear an echo, a deep loneliness

I am all that is here, taking up space

There is a dampness, upon my face

I can hear a drip, maybe water?

Maybe human life? trying to follow

Follow the sound, where is it?

Bumping into walls, they seem to be closing in

There must be a way out, or a way in

The drip is getting closer, I think it is near

I try calling out, “Can anyone hear?”

The drip is getting closer, yes there it is

I can feel it, dripping on my head

Looking up into the purple sky, A swollen cloud…

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21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Hummingbird sipping on some nectar
From a flower much bigger than he
Darting so fast and never stopping
A mountain of great energy
Something so tiny can give such pleasure
If we are willing to accept
Taking time to enjoy the beauty of God’s hand
A moment otherwise would neglect
The colors of this earth and wonderful sky
Such magnificent beauty on display
Breathtaking paintings of God’s creation
Works of great art seen everyday
Unable to take in a beautiful day
Taken for granted, lost in the bustle
Everyday life lived in an office
Darting around in a hustle
One working with eyes closed
The other free to enjoy
One self-blind to nature’s surroundings
The other, not need to be employed
Living life full-speed ahead
As the hummingbird, flitting around
Living on a course of survival
Darting everywhere all across town

by Renee Robinson

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Recycled Life

21 Jan

Nae's Nest

Forced to live a recycled life
Eaten alive with cancer
No explanation to why
Just my turn to suffer

In past times I have been blessed
With riches not of this earth
Giving my soul everlasting bliss
Much more than I deserved

Many before me have suffered much more
It is my turn to walk this mile
A life recycled and given again
A new gift accepted with a smile

Wash and wear, carry on
Is just a phase in time
Play it again, beginning to end
Life borrowed and given in kind

by Renee Robinson

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Two opinions on the state of science publishing

21 Jan

Watts Up With That?

I’ve been made aware of two different opinions on state of science publishing as it relates to peer review and the pressure to publish even faster due to the Internet and all of its “instalaunch” tools.

First, in Nature, a comment by Dr. Jerome Ravetz: Sociology of science: Keep standards high.

He argues for embracing the new medium, while maintaining quality:


As more people become involved in online debates, quality need not fall by the wayside. It is encouraging to see that well-conducted discussions of points of contention between the scientific mainstream and critics are emerging, as the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study demonstrates (see Nature478, 428; 2011).

Ultimately, effective quality assurance depends on trust. And science relies on trust more than most institutions. As Steven Shapin, a historian of science at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, showed in his 1994 book A Social History of…

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No new strange attractors: strong evidence against both positive feedback and catastrophe

21 Jan

Watts Up With That?

This is a comment by Dr. Robert Brown on the What we don’t know about Earth’s energy flow post. I thought it was so insightful on the topic of climate stability being “pushed” by CO2 forcing that I’ve elevated it to a separate post. – Anthony

Is it fair to say that the two systems would oscillate within the same parameters but the probability of them being synchronized is nil?

Sadly, no, not over long times. The systems could be as different as a ferromagnet magnetized up and an “identical” ferromagnet magnetized down. Or in the case of the Earth, as different as Glacial Earth and Interglacial Earth. The point is that both of these latter possibilities can be “stable” states for exactly the same insolation, etc, because feedbacks in the global system can themselves reconfigure to make them stable.

If you look at the link to chaos theory I provided…

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21 Jan
There is Purpose

Everything Has Purpose

Looking at the trees, flowers, birds, streams, fields, and beasts, we have no problem with purpose. Cosmic Purpose, if you will, must en-compass all. That light within, of which every enlightened person has acknowledged, Jesus’ “Kingdom of God is within you,” Emerson’s “genius within yourself,” even Buddha’s “no-soul” must be of Cosmic origin. We can all conceive of a Cosmic Oneness whether we conceive a personal God or Creator. The “Creator” suggests a beginning, which in turn suggests a limited being. But in the concept of Cosmic Oneness there is no being capable of negatives as we may assign a personal God. No beginning, no end, what purpose then? The Cosmic Is. All nature, all of the natural laws, all the rhyme and reason in existence, all of us has that light within us. Nothing can exist outside of the Cosmic Oneness or Cosmic Knowledge, the knowledge of every cell of all nature.

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